Table of Contents

Fox Chain Boating

Ch 1:   The Fox Waterway Development History

Ch 2:   Blarney Island and the Grass Lake Lotus Beds

Ch 3:   Railroads, Gravel, Ice and the Tourist Trade

Ch 4:   Boat Line Operators and Excursion Boat Builders

Ch 5:   Pre-WWII Boat Racing on the Fox Chain (1896-1941)

Ch 6:   Outboard Development, Boat Builders and Ambassadors

Ch 7:   Post-Depression Boat Racing on the Fox Chain (1942-1957)

Ch 8:   The Chain O‚ÄôLakes Boat Club/APBA Racing (1958-1977)

Ch 9:   Blarney Island Inboard Drag Boat Racing  (1979-2013)

Ch 10: Blarney Island Outboard Drag Boat Racing  (1980-2013)